Snow White Vamp :: Honolulu Halloween 2013

October 30, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I am so lucky to have been asked by Xylena Strange to photograph this custom made, hand-crafted gown that was worn by her for the opening act of Miss Vamp 2013. When she asked me about shooting the photos, I hadn't seen the dress yet, so I really wasn't certain the look we we going for. Then I saw the dress on stage at Miss Vamp, and nearly fell out of my chair! And she came in as second runner up, so that was fun! (View some photos from Miss Vamp here, taken by another epic person, Joe Marquez.)

We gathered up our bags, suitcases, and gear, and headed into the forest. We braved the mosquitoes, bugs, and humidity of the Pali jungle and came out alive, with the feeling of artistic accomplishment that only a nearly spontaneous shoot can provide. Not unscathed of course.. I am covered with bug bites! Hmpf...

This custom-made costume dress (all except the corset and feather mohawk) was created by Xylena Strange of XyLie Designs, and they take custom orders from clients, whether it's a costume, gown, or accessory. I don't believe this particular dress is for sale, but if you ask, she may make you a new one!

The feather mohawk, named the Vampire Queen, was designed and created by Michelle Curiel. She also takes custom orders and will create a mohawk to fit your needs and style. Check out her Etsy shop and support local designers!






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