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October 12, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

By far one of the sweetest girls I have ever met! And bonus, she's a contestant in the 2013 Miss Hawaii USA pageant, happening Sunday, October 13th! Which we are attending, in full support of this wonderful person.

I first met her at the Lujuria Fashion Show in November, and was just taken by her professionalism and ridiculous talent at modeling. Yes it took that long for us to come together, coordinate schedules, and finally get to shoot! The concept was simple; lifestyle fashion. Meilii had these great pieces she purchased from Barrio Vintage, and added some accessories to boot. We even got to use one of her mom's vintage straw hats :) but you'll have to wait to see those!

Hair and makeup was made complete by the ever awesome Natily Taguding. Girl's got skills, no lie. Then we hopped in the car and road tripped up to North Shore for an afternoon of camera fun and geeking out over yummy light! Ok, that was just me. Poor models don't know what to do when I'm jumping around like a crazy person because their picture just turned out so fantastic that all I can do is shriek! There are times I can contain it and act normal, but..not too often.

Meilii's shoot had both things: epic light and perfect posing. Like, I didn't have to tell her anything! When a model knows her face and body so well that she just floats like an angel around the location and the great light, it is heaven for us togs. And her EYES! Like oceans of diamonds. Ok you get it.

Check out the spectacular Meilii Yannell!
















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