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So. Funny story about meeting Keilah! At the last Lux, my friend Eric said, "Do you know that girl? Have you worked with her?"(a common question among togs). I looked over and saw this long-legged, dark-skinned, hair slicked to the side, beautiful creature with a perfect face and features that nearly knocked me over with tog delight!

Luckily, I have no shame anymore (the joys of growing up!) and said, "I'm gonna go talk to her. Be right back!"

If you know the me that I've become, you know that I really just don't care anymore what people think of me. I have zero shame when it comes to talking to far more attractive people; they use to intimidate me a bit when I was younger because, you know, what do you say to people that won the genetic lottery? Surely, they've looked in the mirror since birth and know what they've got going on. Don't they have confidence and class just oozing out of them!? YES! But also, experience has shown me that they are probably just as uncomfortable, nervous, or even shy as me.

So what do I have to lose? Nothing, really. Like, what's the worst this perfect person could do, snub me? Well, alright! (Because that's never happened before.. haha)

Folks, this is how you approach gorgeous people. "Hi! You look awesome and gorgeous tonight, how have I not met you before? I told my friend I had to come talk to you, can I take your picture!?"

This would be the moment I have to convince them that I really AM a photographer (pulls out phone with portfolio). Good things ensue when said pretty woman gasps and loves what she sees! We chat about shoots, clothes, and modeling, and exchange fb info. At which point I must return to my friend, as he is on his 7th drink and needs help finding his pants (just kidding, it wasn't that bad). 

We set up our shoot date and gathered some awesome team players for the look of this set. Shot on a warm sunny day on Oahu (mad props to whoever can figure out what date we shot on, with just that clue, haha).

Model: K.L.A.
MUAH: JP La Fortune and Krystal Valencia
Lighting: Ashlei Lou

View session info with Amanda Hamilton Photography, LLC here






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