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February 25, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

A bit late in posting, I know.. the holidays were so overwhelming, followed by family obligations, health issues, and moving woes! It has been a roller coaster of a year, and we are only two months in. Oye.

Let's revisit a time when life was easy, the breeze blew around us, and we galloped in the sand like carefree ponies! The sun on our shoulders, the water beckoning to us...the urge to dance in the waves completely distracting us from any worry that would threaten to steal the moment!

But wait. Shoots on the beach aren't like that.

Rather, I am hunkered down over my camera, straining to see the screen, pulling my hoodie around my head to ease the bright light. We are focused, tending to our model, ensuring the light is in the proper spot, powdering the nose, shaping the dress in just the right direction. This is not a worry-free moment in the least! So much is happening! So much to perfect and watch out for! Time is short! We can rest easy at the beach another day! We've got work to do!

And yet, in the harshest of conditions, beauty emerges... like the most graceful of butterflies, she glides, encompassing our desire of a lazy beach day on the water. That longing to feel the warmth of light and cool of water at the same time, it is here. Even when we are working hard.

We notice. We crave the beach.

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Model: Natalie Daniels
MUAH: Vanessa Li






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